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Current Road Closings
Holmes County Roads & Bridges Reported Severely Out of Closed
Current as of Thursday April 2nd, 2009
  • Bridge @ Highway 179 (Wrights Creek) Closed
  • Kelly Lane
  • Izagora Drive
  • Intersection of Highway 2 & Highway 179A N to Alabama Line
  • Rucker Lane
  • Curry Ferry Rd
  • Ten Mile Rd
  • New Bayview Church Rd
  • Highway 173 N of Highway 2 to Alabama Line closed indefinetly
  • Brackin Rd
  • Yancey Rd (Bridge out at both sides)
  • Rum Rd (Bridges out at both ends)
  • Gillman Rd (Bridge out)
  • Highway 2A (Highway undermined/caved in)
  • Joe French Rd (Deep hole washed road completely into)
  • Hall Rd in Noma
  • Roping Rd (Asphalt undermined at cross roads)
  • Grover Lewis Rd (Dam broke / pond has road cut into)
  • Metcalf Rd (Bridge out)
  • W A Clark Rd (Closed Indefefinetly, Bridge out from intersection of Rd & Paulk Rd out to Hwy 177)
  • Paulk Rd
  • Tanner Lane (Bridge impassable)
  • Lake Victor Rd (Bridge out)
  • Horse Shoe Loop
  • Buck Rogers Lane
  • Kirkland Rd (Bridge out)
  • Jessie O Lewis Rd (Bridge out)
  • Love Rd
  • Harris Steverson Rd
  • Boat Ramp Rd
  • Tony Parson Lane
  • Bonifay Gritney Rd
  • Tobe Retherford Rd
  • Newberry Lane
  • Phillips Rd
  • Bethlehem Church Rd
  • Spring Valley Rd
  • Tup McWaters (Bridge out)
  • Adolph Whitaker Rd
  • Wrights Creek Rd
  • Hall Rd (Noma)

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God Bless the fallen hero's of days past, and prayers to the hero's of tomorrow, may God protect you into the future.
The Bonifay Fire Department responds to all the local fires, vehicle crashes, all weather emergencies, and many other needs of the citizens of the City of Bonifay, Florida.
809 South Waukesha Street
Bonifay, Florida 32425
(850) 547- 2861
Bonifay Police
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